Westlake Villageis the Heart and Soul of the Conejo Valley. There’s something for everyone here, from golf courses and parks to shopping centers and restaurants. The cleanliness and safety of Westlake Village draws in a special community of people and creates a relaxing lifestyle. It sits in the center of Conejo Valley making it easy for the surrounding towns to enjoy.

Westlake Village Lifestyle

The South side of Westlake Village is the liveliest area of the Conejo Valley. You’ll always find people taking their morning jog around the lake or walk to the nearest coffee shop. Some of Conejo Valley’s finest restaurants are in this part of town along with movie theaters and a handful of wineries & craft breweries.

There are even pockets of nightlife if you know where to look. Of course, just as the rest of Conejo Valley, it’s family friendly and safe.

Lakeside Westlake Villagewas built around the lake in the 60s. For many neighborhoods, you can easily walk to some of the best dining in the area. Plus many of the shopping centers are close by which many find appealing.

North Ranch is a little hillier than the southside. It offers some pretty stunning views of the surrounding mountains, but the walkability to restaurants and shopping centers takes a hit. You’ll find a few more parks and hiking trails in this section of Westlake Village, as well as North Ranch Country Club and estate style homes.

Housing (Lakeside)

These homes are of the earlier generation of Westlake Village (built in the 60s and 70s) and have distinguishing characteristics. The curb appeal is more unique from house to house, yard sizes tend to be larger than you’ll find in newer communities. The kitchen is often separated from the family room, but not always (newer construction tends to have a more open concept).  Examples: Village Homes, Foxmoor, First Neighborhood.

The homes in the luxury market offer much of the same, but the larger construction lends itself to a more grand feel throughout. Examples: Three Springs, Bridgehaven

Housing (North Ranch)

North Ranch is known for its exclusive neighborhoods of custom homes and are some of the most expensive in the area. It’s hard to pinpoint exact housing style in North Ranch with it being across the board. The custom homes range from completely remodeled and move-in ready to needing a little updating. You’ll also find some high end townhomes and duplexes that are more affordable than the custom homes. Examples: Whitehawk, Masters Series, North Ranch Custom.

Westlake Village Schools

The schools break down into two school districts. The L.A. County side of Westlake Village is home to the Las Virgenes School District while the Ventura County side is home to the Conejo Valley Unified School District.

Both school districts are highly regarded and considered some of the best in Southern California. It comes down to a matter of personal preference.

See Conejo Valley Schools

Things to Keep in Mind

There’s a lot to love in Westlake Village, but the lifestyle comes with a price tag. From a housing standpoint, the homes are the most expensive in the area. The older homes will often need updating and the systems of the house can be older and need replacement making it difficult to compare to some of the newer homes in our other towns that are more move in ready.

Who Should Look Here

Westlake Village is arguably the most sought after community in the Conejo Valley. Especially by those who appreciate the look and character of a more mature neighborhood. Walkability is often best in Westlake Village particularly in neighborhoods like First Neighborhood and Village Homes.

If being close to the best the area has to offer is your thing then Westlake Village may be a good fit. However, you’ll also want to consider Oak Park and Agoura Hills. You’ll get much of the same lifestyle with more neighborhoods to choose with newer construction at a slightly more affordable price.

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