Welcome to the Conejo Valley!

We think you are going to love it here, and we’re excited to share why:


We love the Conejo Valley and its laid back lifestyle and hometown feel. Yes, it can be a bit sleepy. But who wants to deal with a bunch of traffic, parking tickets, and overcrowded malls anyway?

Conejo Valley is a proud mix of the young and the old with a lot of us in the middle. It’s where we come to live outdoors, meet friends for coffee, or hit a local wine bar after a stroll around the lake.

But most of all, it’s Southern California’s best kept secret. Maintaining its small town vibe with a soul for the adventurous and a heart for families. It’s the place we’re proud to call home.


A Favorite CVG Memory: Reserving a section of Oak Canyon Splash Park. Bringing in a bounce house, and having a reptile party for my son’s 5th birthday.

So, you’re moving to the Conejo Valley…

There’s country living, there’s city living, and there’s something in between – that’s where you’ll find the Conejo Valley. The enticing balance of the relaxed, carefree lifestyle of living in the countryside and the convenience of living in a major city.

We may be small but we’re big where it counts. It’s not the type of small town where everyone shares the same grocery store and has to drive 10 miles to get there. In fact, we get a little cranky if it takes more than 5 minutes to get to a store. The day to day living is easy – and that’s the way we like it.

And it’s safe. Safe in the way that you’ll feel comfortable taking a walk around the lake even when it’s dark out. Safe enough that accidentally leaving your garage open over night doesn’t mean you’ll wake up to an empty garage in the morning (yep, I’ve done that).


The tradeoff? It’s not for everyone. Some of you like the hustle and bustle of a major city. The sound of the city life right outside your window and the late nights bar hopping until 2am. You won’t find that in the Conejo Valley. A nice dinner, a bottle of wine and home at a decent hour is more our style – it’s definitely the CVG style.

Conejo Valley is a close knit group of people who moved to the Conejo Valley to raise our kids. We hangout at the park, hit an occasional happy hour, and support our local businesses. We’re an easy going bunch and making friends is easy.

Stonehaus Winery is a great day or night spot to ditch the kids for awhile and sip on some local wines.


The Other Stuff that Matters

We know that settling into your new digs is more than parks and happy hour. It’s the day to day stuff that matters most. From Whole Foods and Target, to locally sourced restaurants and In-N-Out Burger, you’ll find everything you need within a five mile radius.

What you won’t find is a local Walmart. We go out of our way to support our local businesses – that’s just how we do it here. Of course, you can find a 24 Hour or LA Fitness, but you’ll find me at Stevenson Fitness – the neighborhood gym where everyone’s friends with the owner.



Let’s Talk Weather

Conejo Valley loves its California sunshine. Our summers can get a little warm, but at least our winters don’t leave us shoveling snow from the driveway.


Before we get into summer vs. winter, let’s address the two types of people in this world: Those that like the heat (strange), and those who don’t (us).

If you love the heat, no need to worry. You’ll be happy in the California sun sitting by the pool, enjoying an outdoor venue, or heading to the park. Even letting the kiddos run around one of our indoor playgrounds when you do need to escape the heat.

We however, don’t like the heat. So the few weeks a year where the temp hits triple digits, you can find us indoors with the A/C cranked high.

But, whether you love the heat or not, you’ll be happy to hear that our temperatures always drop with the sun. You won’t find yourself sweating in your bed sheets at night. A cracked window and a fan usually does the trick.


To touch on winter: Our winters, or lack there-of, last about as long as our summer’s heat wave – not very. There’s a reason Californians have a reputation for not knowing how to drive in the rain, we don’t get much practice. It only rains a few weeks of the year and we welcome it when it does.


All in all, we’re super lucky here. Our moderate temperatures invite an active lifestyle and just makes life more fun. We’re spoiled in the Conejo Valley and we don’t mind bragging about it.



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Your Morning Commute

When we talk about traffic in the Conejo Valley we have to break it down into two groups: Local traffic and commuter traffic.


There’s rarely local traffic – it’s one of the things we love most about living in the Conejo Valley. We do get hit with the 9 and 5 slow down, but it only adds 15 minutes or so to the drive. And it’s usually the highways that get a little heavy, the side streets usually remain clear.


Commuters and the Daily Trek Downtown

Many of our locals work in nearby cities. For those taking the daily trek downtown, traffic is a little different. Getting out of town remains pretty easy, but you will hit that L.A. traffic further down the 101.


With that said, we love being close to the city. On a weekend, it’s easy to hop over to the pier in Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles to catch a game, or even north to Santa Barbara for a night’s stay at a B&B.



Conejo Valley Schools

We’re known for our excellent schools. But, chances are you already know that. If you don’t, there are tons of online resources where you can read all about our school’s scores and rankings.

Conejo Valley School Districts:

  • Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD) | Westlake Village (LA County), Agoura Hills & Calabasas
  • Oak Park Unified School District (OPUSD) | Oak Park
  • Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Westlake Village (Ventura County), Thousand Oaks & Newbury Park


Westlake High School Graduation, 2018


I’m here to give you my insider’s view as someone who’s a product of the local schools. Plus my kids bounced between districts and I’ve talked to countless parents with kids in the Conejo Valley school system. I’ve heard great stories and I’ve heard not so great stories, I’ll clue you in on what to expect.


All our schools have one thing in common: Parental involvement. It’s a big reason why our kids perform so well. If you’re a parent who has the time to help out at the school or in the classroom, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. It’s the community that makes our schools so special.


But with 28 elementary schools, 9 middle schools, and 6 high schools, not all are created equal.


When we meet, we’ll go over some of the things you are looking for in your schools. I’ll help match you to the neighborhoods that get you into the best schools for your kids.


A little tip: Conejo Valley schools offer campus tours. You can see some of our local schools first hand to see which ones seem like a good fit and which don’t.




Finding Your New Home (The Fun Part)

You just found out you’re moving. What’s the first thing you do? Hop online and scroll through pictures of homes in your new town. You might find yourself asking: What is Westlake Village? What is Agoura Hills? What’s the difference between one and the other?


Here’s the quick breakdown of the Conejo Valley:

Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park

All 5 towns are small, border one another, and share each other’s shopping centers and conveniences. We like to say, “when you live in one, you get all five”. You can literally wake up in Agoura Hills, hike in Thousand Oaks, and have a coffee in Westlake Village, all before noon.


Generally speaking, we talk about the Conejo Valley as a unit. As you continue the search for your new home you’ll begin to notice the nuances of each town. For example, many neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks come with a little more land, Oak Park is more of a planned community, and Westlake Village sits towards the center of all the action.



Working together, we can dive into these nuances and find the neighborhood that’s best for you. If you’re the researching type (like me), check out the Conejo Valley Neighborhood Profiles. Our breakdown of each of Conejo Valley’s towns and neighborhoods. You’ll get a glimpse into what to expect when you get here. Pictures, HOA info, what’s to love about each neighborhood, and what’s not to love.

If you’re not the researching type, or need a sense of direction, skip the research and reach out to me now. We’ll get on the phone, go over what you’re looking for and I’ll help you find the neighborhood that fits your wants list.



Working Together:

Let’s get connected and talk about scheduling an area tour. It goes a little something like this:


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4. Get your keys and love your home

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