So, you’re making your way to The Conejo Valley, congrats!

We’ll help you relocate to the Conejo Valley – we love it here and we think you will too! There’s a lot to love about the Conejo Valley: the laid back lifestyle, the hometown feel, the California weather. The fact is, we really like bragging about it.

That’s why we put a page together talking all about the Conejo Valley and what it’s like to live here. You may have seen it already, we so cleverly call it: Relocating to the Conejo Valley. If you haven’t seen it yet, no worries we’ll link it again for you later. And we’ll show you Conejo Valley’s most popular neighborhoods for Amgen families.


But first, let’s talk relocating to Amgen. That’s the purpose behind this page, to clue you in on some of the unknown truths about the relocation process.


The Amgen Advantage

Amgen is Thousand Oaks’ largest employer with more than 5,000 employees and the name carries a lot of weight in this area.

Every agent knows that an Amgen buyer is highly qualified, financially stable, non-contingent, and ready to move. This is good news! You’ll typically have the upper hand when competing against multiple offers.


A Little Known Secret

You just found out you are being transferred to Thousand Oaks, CA. You’re given a relocation package and the name of the local agent assigned to you through SIRVA Relocation.

This probably sounds a little familiar. We’re not stalking you, we promise. But we’ve been through this process a time or two so we know how it goes.


Here’s the secret: You’re not required to work with the agent assigned to you. In fact, you have every right to choose your own! Well, as long as we’re in the SIRVA relo system.


We’re telling you this little secret for two reasons. The first is a little self serving, we want to work with you!

The second, and more important reason, is strictly for you. We think you should have all the facts before you start packing your boxes and ship yourselves over to the Conejo Valley.


Dos Vientos backs the Santa Monica Mountains. Some trailheads take you straight to the Pacific coast.

Hopefully we’re not the first to tell you this:

You deserve an experienced agent that knows the area and knows the home buying process.


An agent who knows the nuances of Conejo Valley’s towns and neighborhoods will help you narrow in on the areas that you like best and avoid making a mistake.

Over the years we’ve heard some not so great stories. We’ll spare you the details, but we do want to offer a little free advice.


Here are a few things to keep in mind when you meet your assigned agent:

  • SIRVA is a well respected relocation company and does its best to make sure that the agents assigned to you are experienced and well vetted. However that doesn’t always mean you’re a good fit. So take some time to meet and make sure they know the area well and you’re all on the same page (we know, this sounds obvious but you’d be surprised). If it doesn’t feel right, asked to be reassigned. Or better yet, do your own research and choose who you’d like to work with.
  • Keep an eye out for teams of agents working under a “relocation director”. Some of the agents will be really experienced while others will be new and likely won’t know the area too well.
  • Give the agent’s name a quick google and/or make a few calls. You want to know who’s representing you. Read their reviews. Having a respected agent helps get your offer to the front of the line.

Don’t let this scare you. This is more good news!


I’m in the SIRVA relo system and would love to help you relocate to the Conejo Valley   Let’s Connect!



Finding Your New Home (The Fun Part!)

You get your relo package and hop online to look at homes in your new city. You look through some pictures and find yourself asking, what is Thousand Oaks? What is the Conejo Valley?

We’ve got you covered! We weren’t kidding about liking to brag about the Conejo Valley.


Conejo Valley’s most popular areas for Amgen families

•  Dos Vientos
•  Rancho Conejo
•  Lang Ranch
•  Morrison Sutton

Check out all our Conejo Valley Neighborhood Profiles HERE


Getting to know the Conejo Valley

We didn’t forget about the relocation page we were telling you about earlier. Get an intro into the Conejo Valley and what it’s like to live here. All written by a couple of locals – us.

Check it out HERE



Working Together:

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3. Tour the area and homes for sale

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4. Get your keys and love your home

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