Updated 2/1/2020

How Much Are Conejo Valley Property and Sales Taxes?

When you are looking to buy a home, taxes play a role in what you can afford.  As a home buyer, you need to know how much our local taxes are and what is the difference between Ventura County and Los Angeles County.  Since the county line runs right through the middle of Westlake Village, which county and city you live in will affect your taxes.


Ventura/L.A. County Line


Sales Taxes

CountySales Tax
Ventura County7.25%
Los Angeles County9.5%


Property Taxes

Below is a general idea of what to expect to pay in property taxes in each city. Some neighborhoods may vary depending on special assessments, etc.

CityProperty Tax Rate
Thousand Oaks (includes Newbury Park and Ventura area of Westlake Village)1.0400%
Westlake Village (L.A. County)1.1063%
Agoura Hills1.1063%
Oak Park1.1642%
Simi Valley1.0772%


What Can Cause Your Property Taxes To Change?

From the L.A. County Assessors office:

In 1978, California voters passed Proposition 13, which substantially reduced property tax rates. As a result, the maximum levy cannot exceed 1% of a property’s assessed value (plus bonded indebtedness and direct assessment taxes). Increases in assessed value are limited to 2% annually. Only four events can cause a reappraisal:

  1. A change in ownership;
  2. Completed new construction;
  3. New construction partially completed on the lien date (January 1); or
  4. A decline-in-value (see Market Value Decline – Prop. 8).

Tax rates can change regularly so you will want to check with the county assessors office:

Los Angeles County Assessor
Ventura County Assessor

Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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