2020 made a name for itself in many ways – some of which I’m not entirely fond of, myself. But lucky for us, not all things were so sour in the Conejo Valley.

Here’s a little update on Conejo Valley in 2020, and what to expect in the coming months of 2021:

Conejo Valley in 2020: Thousand Oaks Named the Safest City in California

Safety.com determined California’s safest cities. Both Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks make the list for top 25 in the state. Thousand Oaks proudly holds the #1 spot with Simi Valley not far behind at #6.

See how Safety.com determines a city’s safety + check out the rest of the list 


Conejo Valley in 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023: Repaving Moorpark 23 Freeway

Freeway construction started earlier this year and is expected to continue through 2023. By now you’ve likely experienced the seemingly random closing of local exits each night.

Here’s the short version:

“The $91 million project, including construction capital and support costs, will replace pavement on the outer two lanes from U.S. 101 to State Route 118 to provide a service life of 40 years.” thepatch.com

So far we find the delays haven’t made a huge impact unless you find yourself driving after 10pm.  There’s a chance you might find your exit is closed. A scenario we all find frustrating I’m sure, but won’t set you back more than a few minutes.

Read more from thepatch.com and what they say to expect from the project


Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing Coming in 2021

As Conejo Valley cities continue to expand further into the surrounding hillsides, wildlife conservationists worry the local mountain lion population could be nearing extinction. The Liberty Canyon Critter Walk as some call it, hopes to turn their fate around.

“Wildlife conservationists say the bridge has to be installed if there’s any hope of saving the Santa Monica Mountains mountain lion population. Without human intervention, advocates say, the species could be extinct in the region in 50 years.

The crossing would be a major tool in helping mountain lions and countless other species safely cross major roadways to aid them in finding food, new habitats and potential mates.” Ian Bradley, The Acorn

Environmental groups like The National Wildlife Federation and California Department of Fish & Wildlife have teamed their efforts to plan and design the soon-to-be bridge.

You can read more, and even donate, here.


Conejo Valley Real Estate Market

The January Market Update goes into detail about the local real estate market as 2020 came to a close. You can read the whole thing, here.

We expect to see the market going into 2021 to be just as strong as it was leaving 2020. Read the California and Conejo Valley 2021 Housing Market Forecast, here.


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