Top 3 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time To Sell Your Home

Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.  And that has nothing to do with real estate; however it doesn’t hurt that it’s also the best time of year for the real estate market.

Here are the top 3 reasons Spring is the best time to sell your home.

  1.  Spring brings out the most buyers – Even though we are very fortunate to have great weather all year long, Spring is still the most active time in the real estate market. In the Spring, the days are longer and the weather makes people want to get outside and look at homes.
  2. Buyers want to time their move with the school year – Many buyers start their search in Spring expecting to close escrow no later than Summer. That way they have a couple months to get acclimated to their new neighborhood before the school year starts.
  3. More buyers means more potential offers – Nothing is better for a seller than multiple offers and a bidding war. More buyers means more potential offers. Spring is the time that will most likely occur.

Spring will be here before you know it! If you are thinking about moving, you should consider getting started now. Why? It usually takes a few weeks to get your house ready to be shown. Once it’s listed, we are averaging about two months to sell a home. Add 30-60 days for escrow and you are looking at closing escrow right about the beginning of Summer. Perfect timing! And that’s assuming everything goes smoothly.

The first step is to have me evaluate your home and help you know what it will sell for. I’ll also give you advice on what small improvements you can make to help you get the highest sales price. Here’s a good place to start: Selling Your Home

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