5 Things Younger Buyers and Millennials Look for When Buying a Home

Having helped many younger home buyers move to the Conejo Valley in recent years, I have noticed several considerations important to Millennials.

They embrace minimalism

When viewing homes, I’ve often noticed that Millennials will comment negatively about a home that’s stuffed full of furniture and knickknacks opting for a clean look where less is more.

They value experiences over a huge house & mortgage payment

Younger buyers tend to be more conscious of their “footprint” and will often sacrifice the size of the house for a more affordable lifestyle.  They tend to value experiences over possessions which keeps them from becoming house poor and affords more opportunities to go on vacations and spend time with friends & family.

Walkability is important

Being close to the schools, parks, and restaurants is important to Millennials to avoid driving when possible.  Much of their shopping is done online, but they still appreciate a local Farmers’ Market.

They expect a mobile friendly experiencePeople texting

Texting and email are favored over phone calls. Voicemails are avoided when possible. Texting before calling is appreciated. Digital signatures are preferred to wet signatures and paper copies.

A Non-Salesy Agent

They expect an agent to have a strong online presence with many reviews from multiple sources.  They view the agent’s role as advisory and expect hyperlocal neighborhood knowledge.  By the time they contact an agent, they’ve already been viewing homes online for weeks or months and are seeking an agent’s help in choosing the best house at the right price and to help navigate the transaction.

I’ve created dozens of neighborhood videos and profiles with stats, school info, amenities and more.  You can get started here: Conejo Valley Neighborhood Tours.


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