Summer is approaching and the temperature is rising. It may have you wondering which town is the warmest and what the general Conejo Valley weather is like.


Throughout the days of summer, you’ll see the temperatures range from 80 – 100 degrees across The Conejo Valley. As a rule of thumb, the further south you go the warmer it will be – Agoura Hills usually sees the hottest days. Old Agoura can get particularly heated being tucked away from the coast.


Oak Park’s temperature is pretty comparable to Agoura Hills but you will likely see a drop by 5 or 6 degrees in Westlake Village and it’s often the most comfortable. The body of water and shady trees leave little room for complaint – even on summer’s hottest days.


Thousand Oaks temperature can vary a little depending where you are but overall it’s not as warm as some of the other areas. Newbury Park is usually the coolest town in Conejo Valley. Sometimes by 15 degrees compared to Agoura Hills.


Fortunately, most of Conejo Valley gets a coastal breeze keeping it pretty comfortable. And the humidity level is pretty low. Once the sun goes down, the night temperature tends to drop significantly. It’s pretty common to crack a window in the evening and let the cool air in. The temp drop also keeps the mornings cool.


The Conejo Valley will have a heat wave from time to time and in this case all bets are off. But they don’t last very long. All in all, we’re pretty lucky.





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